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Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past life regression (PLR) is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past/previous lives. Re-experiencing and processing a past life memory might help you understand and resolve current relationships, untangle emotional issues, phobias, traumas, anxiety and even heal physical pain. It might explain mysteries in your life and give you a greater sense of peace and understanding to life from a wider perspective. Perhaps the greatest benefit is experiencing yourself as a “soul” who has lived before and who might live again; this knowing this can give you a different perspective, and perhaps a little more objectivity on your current life. That is considered to be the heart of the work; to heal the deepest part of us, our soul.


Even if one does not believe in past lives and reincarnations, after the session the client may experience a release of old energetic blocks. Sometimes the healing is immediate and intense, other times it can be more subtle and noticeable over time.


A past life regression session takes up between two to three hours. During the first hour the practitioner discusses with the client the reason for why they came in and the goals they would like to accomplish. The practitioner may ask questions about present life including family history, events in early childhood and physical health. The talk not only gives information about the clients, it also primes their unconscious and kick starts the regression process.


The regression process itself usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, or longer if necessary.  Typically, a client can experience one to three lifetimes during the session but the practitioner tries to focus on one lifetime.