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Meditation is for individuals who have already meditated and are looking for a more consistent practice, accompanied by new techniques. Our instructors teach various techniques that consist of breathing, visualization, silence and the use of both sound and music.


Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation is only possible, when you have stopped all activities. When you stop moving around, when you stop working, thinking, talking, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting… - when all these activities stop - then you get to relax.

Classes run on a weekly basis at the following times:

Saturdays and Wednesdays 16:00- 17:00

Classes are also suitable for beginners.

Instructor: Susanna Ekmann

Resonance – Meditation through Music

Resonance is the key to inner peace. Chants, recitals and mantras from most if not all religions depend on creating a certain resonance within, which in turn calms down the spirit and soothes the soul, opening up one's heart & mind to receiving The Divine. From Amen to Om, resonance is a prime vehicle to pure consciousness.

Music has been a key part of this process almost since the dawn of time. We've all been touched by it, and felt it's powers. The Resonance Sessions is a series of one hour musical meditation classes, curated & mixed live by Safi who's weekly radio show specialises in this specific genre of music.

Throughout his travels from India to the Far East, Africa the Middle East & beyond, he's amassed a musical collection that speaks directly to the soul, and will be more than joyed to share it with you. He'll be taking us on a one hour musical journey as we close our eyes, delve deep into ourselves &

This class runs every Thursday from 9:00-10:00

Instructor: Mohamed Safi