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Energy Healing (The One Technique)

In the ONE Technique approach to solving a challenging situation, Our instructor uses tools to uncover thoughts/mental formations that are always the underlying factors for emotional instability. She also uses energy techniques to realign the mental and emotional states. This allows us to reestablish our purpose. With the realignment of the mind, body and spirit, we can once again feel peace and harmony and therefore allow ourselves to be the creators of our own lives.

Practitioner: Mayana Clerc

About Mayana: For over twenty years, Mayana has worked as a well-being practitioner. Born in Singapore and of mixed origins, she was exposed to different forms of healing from her youngest age. Her personal journey of self discovery has led her to study different techniques including gestalt therapy, pranic healing, neuro-linguistic training, cellular memory as well other Chinese and Indian holistic healing approaches. She has now infused her experiences and learnings into the ONE Technique, a holistic approach she uses for healing through one-on-one sessions. She also teaches a variety of courses and workshops. She practices and teaches different meditation techniques as well including silent meditation, vipassana, mindfulness meditation, visualization and more.


Individual Healing Sessions are scheduled by appointment.