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Intensive Therapy Week

Intensive Inpatient Psychotherapy services provide both individual and group based, residential, intensive, structured interventions consisting primarily of counseling and education to improve symptoms that may significantly interfere with functioning in at least one life domain (e.g., familial, social, emotional occupational, psychological etc.). Services are goal-oriented interactions with the individual or in group/family settings. This community-based service allows the individual to apply skills in “real world” environments. Such treatment may be offered during the day, before or after work or school, in the evening or on a weekend.
The goals, frequency, and duration of inpatient treatment will vary according to individual needs and response to treatment.

The program is offered on a monthly basis.

Policy & Features

Inpatient mental health services are available to Medicaid Managed Care eligible adult members, age 18 and over. 


Intensive Inpatient Programs (IIPs), provide 9 or more hours per week of multidisciplinary, multi-modal structured treatment, 3 – 5 times per week with groups of no fewer than three and no more than 12 clients.
Intensive Inpatient Psychotherapy services may be provided at Insight Counselling and Integrative Health, El Gouna.

Service Expectations

•A comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment must be completed prior to the beginning of treatment.

[toggle_code title="Service Expectations & Length of Stay"]•The initial assessment interview will be conducted by a psychologist, or a psychotherapist.

•Assessment will be ongoing with treatment.

•Individualized treatment/recovery plan, including discharge and relapse prevention, developed with the individual prior to the beginning of treatment, reviewed on an ongoing basis, adjusted and signed by all team members including the individual.

•Assessments and treatment will address mental health needs, and potentially, other co-occurring difficulties.

•Provided as group, family, or individual psychotherapy.
•Includes psychoeducational components as appropriate to the individual’s needs •	2 of every 3 hours of service provided must be furnished by a licensed clinician •	Consultation and/or referral for general medical, and psychiatric needs.

Length of stay:

7 Days / 6 Nights

Clinical guidelines: Intensive Inpatient Psychotherapy (Adult Mental Health)

At least one of the following Guidelines are necessary for admission:

1. Complex family dysfunction interferes with the individual's ability to benefit from traditional inpatient treatment without family involvement. 

2. The individual's condition requires a coordinated, office-based treatment plan of services that may require different modalities and/or clinical disciplines for progress to occur.

3. The individual is suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief or adjustment disorders.

4. Rehabilitation (Substance Abuse) – Eating disorders

Exclusion Guidelines: Any of the following Guidelines is sufficient for exclusion from this level of care: 

1. The individual is a danger to self and others or sufficient impairment exists that a more intensive level of service is required. 

2. The individual has medical conditions or impairments that warrant a medical/surgical setting for treatment. 

3. The individual requires a level of structure and supervision beyond the scope of the program. 

4. The individual can be safely maintained and effectively treated at a less intensive level of care.