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Our team of qualified psychotherapists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals, believe that the mind and body are inseparable, Thus we adopt a holistic approach incorporating body, mind and spirit.

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Offering counseling, psychotherapy and life coaching to a wide range of clients at all ages, addressing trauma issues, depression & anxiety, substance abuse, and/or any number of other life issues.



  “I one day found my self diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I had gone through the toughest time one could possibly imagine, I was scared of going out , afraid of driving , and even of meeting people. I felt my life has come to an end. My therapist offered me her support, encouraged me at a time when I lost faith in myself. Her patience and gentle guidance allowed me to find my own answers. believe that she has contributed to my recovery and through her professionalism and commitment, has guided me through a terrible period in my life to come out the other end a content and well balanced person.”
“I was very hesitant to go see a therapist and I had a lot of questions racing through my head; are they going to judge me? what am I going to tell them? how does it work? As time passed, I started becoming more and more comfortable with my therapist. She allowed me to open up at my own pace. I am thankful for this humbling experience and I am growing as time passes. I will continue my journey towards leading a healthier life. I just love the energy of this place and the people who work there”
"I admit my life was unmanageable, my therapist helped me get back on track and sustain my sobriety. I felt I can trust her and as challenging as my therapy was, I couldn’t have made it without it”
"The first thing I noticed when I walked into Insight is the warm, inviting ambiance. I instantaneously felt safe, and wanted to just hang out and read a book all afternoon! Aside from the lovely atmosphere, the staff are very friendly and show a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the clients who go there. It is truly a place for wellness and feel-good vibes. I look forward to attending many upcoming workshops, yoga and mediation activities at Insight, and I feel so blessed that we have such a beautiful place in El Gouna. Thank you for making this possible!"
“I cannot put into words how grateful I am to my therapist for all the help and support she has given me. I have achieved a lot of goals over the last few months. Thank you so so much for giving me the opportunity to get through a very difficult time. I will always be very grateful to you. I now feel confident that I will be able to start a new life and will never forget all you have done for me.”
“I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your patience with me over the last few months, and for dealing with the many many difficulties I came in with so professionally. I felt more accepted than I feel in my own home.”
“I felt safe and contained at a time when I had lost hope in my life; Thank you"